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10 Best Video Interview Software for Recruiters in 2024

Are you tired of the traditional hiring process and looking for a more efficient way to recruit top talent?

Look no further!

In 2024, video interview software has become a game-changer for recruiters.

Imagine being able to screen candidates from anywhere, anytime, and even save time and resources. 

But with so many options out there, which one is the best for you? 

Check out our list of the 10 Best Video Interview Software for Recruiters in 2024. 

From AI-powered features to user-friendly interfaces, these tools will revolutionise the way you hire. 

Curious to know which one tops the list? Keep reading to find out! And remember, with the right video interview software, you'll be hiring like a pro in no time.

Let’s get started. 

What is Video Interview Software?

Video interview software is a type of technology that allows employers to conduct interviews with job candidates remotely.

This software enables recruiters and hiring managers to video record interviews and review and share the recorded interviews with other team members.

Video interview software can be used for both live and pre-recorded interviews. In a live video interview, the interviewer and the candidate communicate in real-time via a webcam.

In a pre-recorded interview, the employer provides the candidate with a set of questions to answer, and the candidate records their responses at their convenience.

Video interview software can help streamline the hiring process, improve efficiency, and reduce costs by eliminating the need for in-person interviews, especially for remote or international candidates.

It also provides a more convenient and flexible scheduling option for both the employer and the candidate.

Top 10 Video Interview Software For Recruiters in 2024

Let’s now explore the best video interview software.  


ScreeningHive revolutionises recruitment with its premier free video interview software, designed to cater to the dynamic needs of recruiters, HR professionals, hiring managers, business owners, entrepreneurs, SMEs, and talent acquisition managers. 

Its innovative features include customisable question templates, flexible scheduling, comprehensive candidate reviews, and the ability to share interviews for collaborative hiring decisions. 

Users benefit from a streamlined hiring process that saves time, reduces costs, and enhances candidate experience, making ScreeningHive an essential tool for modern talent acquisition strategies.

Key Features:

  • Share Video Interviews Recording
  • Testing Practice
  • Allow the candidate to retake questions
  • User-friendly design


  • Starter - $5/mo (5 users/20 interviews)
  • Team - $19/mo (10 users/50 interviews)
  • Enterprise - $199/mo (Unlimited users/500 interviews)

Free trial: Yes (2 users/10 interviews per month)

Capterra Review:  4.7

2. BarRaiser

BarRaiser's Best Video Interview Software offers a cutting-edge platform.

Its standout features include AI-powered interview notes, real-time feedback, structured interviews to reduce bias, interviewer coaching based on data-driven metrics, and smart hiring recommendations. 

These innovations promise a streamlined recruitment process, ensuring quick, unbiased, and efficient talent acquisition. 

This will ultimately lead to significant time and cost savings for organisations.

Key Features:

  • Interview Recording & highlights
  • Efficient Candidate Screening
  • Transcribe the interview as we go
  • Reducing the time to hire


  • Interviewer lite - FREE (5 Interviews (60 mins))
  • Team - $75/interviewer/month (Best for under 50 users)
  • Enterprise - Talk to their sales team

Free trial: No

G2 Review:  4.7

3. HireVue

HireVue is a cutting-edge video interview software that empowers candidates to share their stories on their own terms.

It eliminates complex scheduling and the need for app downloads, offering a flexible, user-friendly experience that engages candidates 24/7 via SMS and WhatsApp.

The platform integrates seamlessly with your existing ATS, enhancing your investment and streamlining your recruitment processes. 

HireVue promotes fair hiring by standardising interviews and reducing bias, with over 1,000 job-specific interview guides created by organisational psychologists. 

This allows hiring teams to replace ad hoc processes with structured, effective interviews in minutes.

Key Features:

  • On-demand and live video interviews
  • Real-time evaluation tools and interview guides
  • ATS integration
  • Structured interviews with over 1,000 job-specific guides


  • Essential - Starting at $35K
  • Enterprise -Starting at $75K
  • Premium - Request a demo

Free trial: No

Capterra Review:  4.5

4. myInterview

myInterview's Best Video Interview Software empowers your recruitment strategy with an intuitive video screening, enabling a personal touch in the digital hiring process.

Its standout features include AI-driven insights to streamline candidate selection and customisable branding to enhance your company's image. 

This platform significantly improves efficiency, reducing time-to-hire and ensuring a better fit between candidates and roles.

Key Features:

  • Customisable Interview Templates
  • Mobile-Friendly Interface
  • Real-time Candidate Feedback

Pricing: Available upon request.

Free trial: No

Capterra Review:  4.7


SPARK HIRE offers a Live Video Interview platform that enables real-time interviews with candidates, regardless of location, and records the sessions for better collaboration among hiring stakeholders. 

Schedule interviews by choosing a date and time or allowing candidates to select a slot based on your availability. 

Candidates receive branded email invitations with calendar files and the option to reschedule if needed. 

Conduct the interview in a branded virtual room within your web browser, with no application download required. 

Through collaboration features, you can review and share recordings, rewind or fast-forward to key parts, and make more informed hiring decisions.

Key Features:

  • Branded Interview Rooms
  • Seamless Scheduling
  • Browser-Based Access
  • Interview Evaluation Tools


  • Lite- $149/mo (Up to 50 employees)
  • Pro - $299/mo (Up to 200 employees)
  • Growth - $499/mo (Up to 500 employees)
  • Enterprise - Contact the sales team for pricing

Free trial: No

Capterra Review:  4.7

6. ReWorking

Reworking offers an innovative Best Video Interview Software that revolutionises the hiring process by enabling personalised recruitment journeys.

Through one-way video interviews and customisable question packs, Reworking allows candidates to showcase their true selves on their own schedule, significantly reducing no-shows and saving HR teams valuable time.

With its intuitive web and phone app, Reworking streamlines candidate assessment, ensuring businesses can quickly identify and engage the best talent. 

Key Features:

  • One-Way Interviews
  • Customisable Question Packs
  • Intuitive App Interface
  • Candidate Self-Scheduling


  • Business – £ 99 /  month
  • Premium - £ 199 /  month

Free trial: No 

Capterra Review:  5

7. Willo

Willo's Video Interview Software is transforming the recruitment landscape, offering a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly platform for businesses of all sizes.

Enabling asynchronous interviews caters perfectly to today’s flexible work environment, allowing candidates to participate from anywhere at any time. 

This approach not only speeds up the hiring process but also widens the talent pool by removing geographical and scheduling barriers. 

With its easy setup, comprehensive integration capabilities, and emphasis on a human-friendly experience, Willo stands out as an invaluable tool for recruiters, HR professionals, and hiring managers aiming to make smarter, faster hiring decisions.

Key Features:

  • Asynchronous Interviews
  • Global Talent Access
  • Easy Integration
  • User-Friendly Experience


  • Launch - ₹4,469/month
  • Growth - ₹12,399/month
  • Scale - ₹19,999/month
  • Enterprise -Custom Quote

Free trial: No

G2 Review:  4.7

8. Facecruit

FaceCruit is a video interview platform designed to streamline hiring processes, reduce costs, and improve candidate assessments. 

Our service accelerates interview times by up to 80%, enabling you to discover top talent efficiently. 

FaceCruit offers valuable insights into potential employees and securely stores information in the cloud for easy access. 

Catering to modern candidates' needs, FaceCruit provides flexibility by allowing them to respond to interview questions at their convenience, making it an ideal replacement for initial phone interviews.

Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Analysis
  • Customisable Branding
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Interview Scheduling


  • Silver - $49/month
  • Gold - $99/month
  • Platinum - $199/month

Free trial: Yes

Capterra Review:  4.7

9. Hireflix

Hireflix revolutionises hiring with its "Record once, interview 1000" feature, enabling you to build a digital interview and invite unlimited candidates. 

This asynchronous interview process eliminates scheduling needs, allowing candidates to record responses at their convenience. 

Easily review and share video submissions with your hiring team, and seamlessly integrate Hireflix with your existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to optimise your remote hiring process.

Key Features:

  • Automated Interview Scheduling
  • Review & Collaboration Tools
  • ATS Integration
  • Asynchronous Interviewing


  • Small - $150/per month
  • Medium - $300/per month
  • Custom according to your needs

Free trial: No

Capterra Review:  5

10. Avature

Avature Video Interview is a comprehensive solution designed for global recruiting, offering an intuitive user experience for all stakeholders.

As a stand-alone or add-on tool, it provides both live and on-demand interviews on fully branded, accessible, and mobile-optimized portals. 

Avature streamlines live interviews reduces scheduling efforts, and eliminates travel costs, while on-demand interviews offer flexibility for hiring managers to review candidates at their convenience. 

The platform features built-in questionnaires, self-scheduling capabilities, and real-time metrics to optimise the hiring process and support informed decision-making.

Key Features:

  • Live & On-demand Interviews
  • Candidate Profile Comparison
  • Simplified Interview Scheduling
  • Comprehensive Reporting & Analytics

Pricing:  Available upon request.

Free trial: No

Capterra Review:  4.6

What are the Benefits of Using Video Interview Software?

  1. Saves Time and Resources: Video interviews can be conducted at any time and from any location, eliminating the need for scheduling in-person meetings. This can significantly speed up your recruitment process and save resources.

  2. Wider Talent Pool: With geographical barriers removed, companies can attract and interview candidates from all over the world, increasing the chances of finding the best fit for the job.

  3. Consistent and Structured Interview Process: Video interview tool often allows for the standardisation of interview questions, ensuring all candidates are evaluated fairly and consistently.

  4. Improved Candidate Experience: It can be more convenient for candidates, as they can participate from the comfort of their own homes. This can contribute to a positive impression of the company.

  5. Enhanced Collaboration: Recorded interviews can be shared with team members for feedback, promoting collaborative decision-making and ensuring that everyone has a say in the hiring process.

Why ScreeningHive Should Be Your First Choice?

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It's like having your own personal recruitment assistant, making the process as smooth as silk. 

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