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We generally look for capable authors who can create well-informed articles. We make progress toward first-rate and top-notch content that covers all relevant and essential information for our readers. Before we move forward, it's significant to follow the guidelines.

What we're looking for?

  • Ensure that the post you submit is unique and plagiarism-free.
  • Choose a topic that is not present on our website. Similar content won't be accepted. Also, do not try to spin the articles, otherwise, it will be rejected.
  • We just acknowledge HR-related content; that is recruiting and staffing candidates, interviews, etc.
  • We accept content from 800 to 1000 words.
  • The article should contain around 120 - 160 characters that sum up the article.
  • The author's picture dimension should be 140*140.
  • We will provide two links. One will be a link to your site's page and the other on the author's bio. Also all the external links as no-follow links.
  • Your content should include relevant and high-quality images for every topic within your content. Copying images from other websites or articles is strictly prohibited. Also, you can use free licensed images without any fear of copyright issues.

How to get started?

We suggest you take a look at our blog section to check which topics are already covered and to understand how is our writing style. You can send your final draft to [email protected].

Please include the Author's image (140*140). So if you have an idea and if you wish to write to us, please contact us using the form mentioned above.

How the publication procedure work?

Our editorial team will undertake a thorough audit to make ensure that content is original, well-written, and it offers value to our readers. ScreeningHive editors have all the rights to make any modifications, changes, and corrections to the written content. If your article meets all our editorial guidelines, you will receive a confirmation email within seven days.

Once the article is successfully published, we will share it on our social media channels. You can't re-publish the article unless you are sharing it on your social media channels for greater outreach.

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