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Top 5 Video Interview Tips for Recruiters | ScreeningHive

Worldwide, businesses make improvements that protect and delay coronavirus spreads for their staff and clients (COVID-19). It means that recruiters and recruitment teams adjust the way they perform job interviews.

While video interviews are definitely not a new idea, certain recruiters and hiring managers may be less familiar with the technologies of video conferencing and video interviews remotely. Technical challenges can be too common and it can be more difficult to understand the picture, not to mention psychological issues.

Here are a few video interview tips for employers to ensure a smooth recruiting process:

  1. Conduct a test video interview

    When you can not link to or fail to use the Video Interview Portal, you and your organization will be incorrectly represented. Also, make sure that the audio of your computer works, check the camera of your computer, and ensure your web link is secure and the interview system you use will be fully charged. Make sure you understand how to use your phone before the interview when communicating with the applicant.

  2. Instruct your candidates to use the video conference tool

    If you're using Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, or some other video conferencing platforms bear in mind that your chosen platform might not be familiar to the candidate.

    Provide step-by-step guidance on how to use the portal, so that the candidate can easily link to the interview. However, if you have difficulties relating to the video call, please provide a backup telephone number and recommend that the applicant share it with you.

  3. Build a place for professional, well-lit interviews

    Even if you might not be in a typical office environment, the scene for the video interview is relevant. This ensures that the room should be tidy, bright, and without disturbances from the surroundings.

  4. Prepare questions in advance for the video interview

    Don't want to wing it, like every interview. It is critical that you have questions about the interview you want to ask in advance. Have these questions before you to help keep the conversation on track and ensure that you have answers to all the questions.

    Suggest continuing with any icebreaker questions during the video interview to help make the candidate feel relaxed. Remember that the video interviews for the job seeker may be as new as they are.

  5. Make the Follow Up Meetings

    This is best practice to follow up with applicants afterwards, whether it's the interview in person or over video. Especially in the sense of the coronavirus pandemic, people are constantly overwhelmed and can not hear from an interview.

So there were some of the great tips you can consider when you are going to conduct a video interview with candidates. Video Interviews are a potential future of the recruitment processes in the coming days, especially after this coronavirus.


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