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Top 5 Certified Video Interview Tips to Unlock Top Talent

Recruiting Remotely? Frustrated by not getting top talent?

Struggling to conduct video interviews efficiently?

Then, these 5 certified video interview tips are for every interviewer like you to elevate positive candidate experience and increase your talent count.

Now, before you roll your eyes and think, “Same old tips and tricks.”

Absolutely, NO.

These tips are proven and applicable to make you a pro interviewer in the world of video interviews.

Without wasting much time, let’s explore this blog and learn 5 insider tips to have a smooth interview and give the best experience to your candidates.

The growing significance of video interviews

In recent years, due to technological advancement and remote work, the requirement for video interviews has increased.

It’s become a very important part of recruitment.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic happened, this trend has been accelerated.

Video interviews have become an essential tool for companies to connect with candidates. 

It helps to save time and resources, and you can access a larger and more diverse talent pool from all over the world.

So, to get pro in a video interview, you’ll need pro tips. Here, you’ll learn the best 5 video interview tips.

Top 5 Video Interview Tips

1. Prepare and Test Technology in Advance 

So, let’s start with the first video interview tips. This tip is useful before you conduct the interview. 

Before you go to conduct a successful interview, make sure your technology is reliable and functioning properly

Think about how it will look when you are interviewing someone and, for instance, your technology has some glitch or is not working properly. 

Now, candidates may get the wrong idea that the company is not well-equipped or technologically advanced. 

This could potentially harm the company's reputation and deter candidates from wanting to work there.

So before you go for an interview, check your video interview software, camera, and microphone.

Familiarise yourself with its features, such as screen sharing, muting, and unmuting, to ensure a smooth interview process.

Next, test your camera to make sure it's capturing a clear and well-framed image. The camera should be positioned at eye level, providing a professional and engaging view for the candidate.

Your microphone is equally important. Test it to ensure that your voice is coming through clearly and that there are no background noises that could distract or interrupt the interview.

Finally, consider conducting a mock interview with a colleague. This will not only help you familiarise yourself with the technology but also give you an opportunity to adjust any settings and address potential issues before the actual interview.

So, make sure to use these video interview tips for your next interview.

2. Mitigate Unconcious Bias

Unconscious bias is when you see a person and automatically judge them. This you do without realising it. This can be based on anything like race, gender, age, accent, and clothing style.

For example, if one person comes wearing a very crips suit and tie and comes early.

And other person comes late and wear casual outfits. In your subconscious, you’ll think that the first one is more qualified than second one.    

Also, candidates' accents or way of speaking let you misinterpret as a lack of confidence or competence.

So, this video interview tip can help you with that.

Use a pre-defined set of questions for all candidates so candidate can show their true skills, and it’ll also remove biases.

You can also have two or more other interviewers from different fields to reduce the influence of individual biases.

Key takeaway? Everyone has an unconscious bias, but being aware of it is important.

So that we can make judgments based purely on skills. 

This video interview tip is underrated but crucial to consider before you take an interview.

3. Compelling and Engaging Questions for Virtual Interview 

In virtual interviews, keeping candidates engaged with you is a challenge.

Traditional questions can feel flat and impersonal and might not be able to capture their strength.

To boost engagement, you can ask thought-provoking questions.

Rather than asking questions like Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses. Ask them that our company is launching a new product line aimed at millennials. What type of marketing campaign should I run? (For marketing person)

This tailored question is more engaging. It sparks a conversation about their problem-solving skills and their specific marketing experience.

From this, you can get a deeper insight into candidates.

This will lead to a more positive interview experience for both of you and ultimately help you find the best person for the job.

4. Clear Interview Instructions for Candidates 

In today’s generation, candidates' experience matters. Make sure they feel comfortable. Provide them with clear instructions so they don’t feel overwhelmed by technology and the process, etc.

By outlining your expectations in detail, you not only put candidates at ease but also gather the best possible information from candidates during the interview.

If you are conducting an interview in person or in a panel, make sure you tell candidates in advance so they prepare accordingly. 

Specify which tool you’ll use so that if they don't have that tool, they can download it in advance.

Briefly mention which type of questions you might ask in an interview and also give them a timeline so they can take time to give answers accordingly.

In the end, Clarity is King.

5. Create a Good Video Interviewing Setup

Having a good background setting is beneficial for both employers and candidates.

You can use the company’s image and your company’s conference room for quiet or minimal background noise.

Sit where natural light can face you. This will allow candidates to see your expression clearly, providing a more positive and engaging interview experience for both. 

Make sure you use either a plain background or a professional background. Don't use a tacky or eye-catching graphic background. This might distract the candidate and will not give a good impression.

Attracting Gen Z and Millennials in 2024: The Video Interview Advantage

Gen Z and younger millennials value work-life balance and crave purpose and opportunities for growth. They have values different from those of the previous generation.

They grew up with technology in hand, so they are more comfortable with it. They prefer smart work over hard work, So the traditional interview method will look outdated to them.

So, using hiring technology to hire them is necessary. 

Using video interview tools allows you to have scheduling flexibility and fit seamlessly into their busy lives.

Also, remote options eliminate geographical barriers and open your talent pool wider and broader.

Gen Z seeks transparency and authenticity. Video interviews allow you to showcase your company culture

In video interviews, they can showcase their soft skills and communication style better than traditional phone interviews.

It provides a more personal touch compared to the traditional one.

Rethink your recruiting strategy. Start using video interviews to connect with the next generation of talent.


So, these 5 video interview tips will help to stand out to candidates and give them a good experience.

Smart interviewers like you, these tips will help you to unlock the top talent.

You'll not only streamline your hiring process but also unlock a world of top-tier talent.

From ensuring technical clarity to promoting authentic connections, these strategies will transform your video interviews into engaging, effective, and efficient exchanges.

So, step into the future of recruitment with confidence, and let the power of video interviews bring the best talent right to your screen! 

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