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AI in Recruitment – Current need for HR Professionals

With the advent of AI in Recruitment, it has become essential for the age new hiring recruiters and HR professionals to get the right talent in their organization. You do not have to lose any of your precious time handling labour intensive and monotonous tasks. With a single click of a button, you can effectively automate almost every task by employing Artificial Intelligence. However, one needs to take extra care in opting for the best AI-based recruitment software that can reap the maximum fruit. And this could only be possible by using AI-powered technologies and tools that can help attract the most prospective candidate.

AI in Recruitment can work wonders in enhancing the recruitment process and facilitating talent retention within the organization. The correct use of AI is a must for hiring managers. With each passing day, the demand for AI is increasing exponentially. The impact of AI is not just restricted to making the lives of individuals easier. It is advanced towards each industry by streamlining business processes, upgrading user experiences, and automating tasks that were never possible. AI has come to redefine a society that was never anticipated before.

This technology has become the most flexible solution for all kinds of businesses, be it Information Technology industry, marketing, or development.Time is crucial for every industry, and the recruitment company is no exception.AI-powered technologies and tools look very promising as they do the required tasks in minutes.More than 60% of the recruiters are willing to implement AI in HR recruitment to improve the screening of the best candidates for the job.

Let’s now understand what is Artificial Intelligence and how it can benefit the HR activities.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the fascinating creations so far in the history of mankind. AI comes with several connotations depending on the industry it is leveraged. But, in layman terms, it is basically a computer that acts like a human. The ability of the computer to replicate human activities and behaviour is what constitutes an AI. Machine Learning software is the core of AI that allows the computer to witness such activities through data intake.

AI can parse through critical information from large databases, thereby improving scheduling. AI is more of a superpowered thinking and data analysis. It has not been brought to replace humans; rather, it is intended to enhance human capabilities and contributions. It uses computers and machines to mimic the human mind's problem-solving and decision-making abilities.

How AI can greatly help HR related activities?

There are several benefits of AI in recruitment, and it’s just the right ones that theHR professionals or other hiring managers must look for. Recruitment is just another process of looking for a needle in the haystack. With thousands of graduates applying for a single position, the recruitment process can be a very time-consuming and hectic task. But AI can optimize the overall recruitment process and make it user-friendly.

AI can enhance a certain number of automated tasks that are repetitive and laborious, thus accelerating the recruitment process. Using this technology an overwhelming amount of manual work can be done in the shortest time.  So, it is prudent to leverage AI in recruitment to save a company’s precious time and resources. AI uses a predictive analysis tool that can reduce the company’s unwanted turnover.           

Artificial Intelligence can build more of a human relationship with candidates and thus serve them as a real customer. It links up the criteria required for the vacant position, and depending on that, the algorithm calculates a matching score for each candidate that may be a right fit. It increases the quality of the hiring process using unique algorithms and creates expert systems that predict and classify based on the input data.

Top 5 Applications of using AI in recruitment

1. Chat Bot – an important application of AI in recruitment

Chatbots are potent automation tools powered by AI used for faster communication and involves advanced textual techniques that boost the overall candidate’s experience. It acts as a helping hand for all the hiring managers as they employ Natural Language Processing (NLP) that undertakes all the recruitment tasks for them. Chatbots can accelerate screening the candidate’s resume and offer them immediate solutions in real-time.

2. Enhanced recruitment process using AI-powered videos interviews

In the modern age of digitalization, it has become integral to conduct online interviews powered by AI. It helps the managers to communicate face to face with both the remote as well as non-remote candidates. This saves time for both the parties and provides a hassle-free interview process. An AI-powered interview can help the recruiter understand the candidate's mood, behaviour, facial expression, and other vital aspects. It enables the recruiters to select the most prospective candidate for their organization.

3. Sourcing the right talent using AI

In today’s world, searching the right fit for a vacant position is a herculean task for the recruiters. There is a big pool of applicants swimming in the same ocean. Even after giving their 100%, the recruiters fail miserably because their methods are not up to date. The talent sourcing process needs to be streamlined to find the best fit, which is possible only with the help of AI-powered solutions.

AI based tools allows the recruiters to browse through a large pool of candidates in no time. It lets the hiring managers select the most deserving candidate for their vacant position with little effort and maximum efficiency. The arduous task becomes a piece of cake for the recruiters after leveraging AI in Recruitment.

4. Sentiment analysis of the candidate using AI

Sentiment Analysis is one of the newest applications of AI. The recruiters can evaluate the candidate’s experience and work on them. With the help of this technology, recruiters can collect candidates' feedback from social media surroundings that are intriguing for the candidates rather than through feedback forms that take up a lot of time to fill. AI analyses the candidate’s sentiments through some of the advanced tools like biometrics, facial recognition, behavioural changes, and others and leaves no scope of error. The recruiters can also create attractive job descriptions for a diverse list of most deserving candidates.

5. Promotes unbiased decision and selection

It helps to make decisions when it comes to hiring the best fit for the organization. Human intervention may lead to some biases based on temptation and intuition. But an AI-powered solution can considerably minimize it. It allows the recruiters to decide based on the search results updated by the tool itself. All the decisions and selections are done, considering the details, the resume, the requirement and other necessary aspects.

AI in Recruitment - Conclusion

AI has been making quite an appearance on the HR tech list for some time now. With each passing day, it has taken the world by storm with its new emerging technologies.There is a buzz of innovation seen in the recruitment industry worldwide. All the recruiters and HR professionals are using AI in Recruitment as HubSpot. Almost all the recruiting software have been using AI in one form or another. So, it's time for the recruiters to gear up and employ AI in their hiring process.

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