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Video Interview Platform: 63% of HRs Use Why You Shouldn’t?

Feeling exhausted by doing the same old phone interviews? 

Don't want to limit your hiring locally and want to develop a diverse talent pool?

Then, You land on the right spot to have a magical solution for your vital problems.

Video Interview Platform is that one solution.

It helps you to see and interact with candidates face-to-face.

Because of it, you are not just limited to local talent. You can hire from all over the globe without any restrictions.

These are not the only things that video interview platforms do; there are many other things they do.

Which you’ll learn in this blog.

Let’s get started and get one step closer to your perfect hiring.

What is a Video Interview Platform? 

Video interview platforms, also known as video interview tools, allow you to conduct interviews remotely with candidates.

You can consider this tool as an alternative to traditional face-to-face interviews.

This software typically includes features such as scheduling, automated interview questions, and the ability to record and review interviews.

Some video interview software also includes artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to help analyse candidate responses and assess their fit for the role.

There are two types of video interview platforms through which you can do video interviews according to your needs.

1. Asynchronous Interview

Asynchronous Interviews are Recorded Interviews. The recruiter sets a group of questions on a video interviewing software and the selected candidates can record answers to these questions in a video format.

The questions asked by the recruiters can be in text or video format. A time limit can also be set for the candidates to submit the answer.

The recruiters then evaluate these video interviews and find suitable candidates for the job position.

Video Interviews can also be helpful to study the candidate's body language which can’t be done over a phone call.

Also, once the candidate records the answers, no alteration can be done to that video which further helps to analyse the candidate’s skills and mindset.

Normally interviews go on up to 30-45 minutes, whereas, evaluating these videos take no more than 15- 20 mins and the recruiters can do so at their convenience instead of at a specified time and location as they can review the candidates on the application from the comfort of their homes.

2. Live Interview

For live Interviews, the recruiter conducts the interview online instead of meeting the candidate face to face.

It is similar to Skype Interviews, but some video interviewing software include attributes of interview scheduling like interview recording, whiteboard, etc, which are helpful to evaluate candidates in a better manner.

Video Interviews give a comprehensive analysis of the candidate. The recruiters can make a better judgment based on the audio-visual interaction.

During telephonic Interviews, malpractices like impersonation or cheating could occur, which is overcome through video interviews.

Also, as the videos are recorded in this software, the recruiters can further evaluate by getting a second opinion or use it for future reference.

When it comes to Skype Interviews, connecting to a candidate’s profile can be uncomfortable for the candidate, and Video Interviewing Software provides a more professional environment. Also, Skype does not support integration with the Application Tracking System.

Why Choose Video Interviewing Software?

Video interviewing software can offer a number of benefits for both you and job candidates. Some of the main reasons to choose video interviewing software include:


One of the main drivers has been convenience.

In this way, you can conduct an interview no matter where you are on earth as long as you and the candidates can access the internet.

This also means that there is no need for the applicants to come to your company’s premises or for you to manage meeting spaces and timetables.


This can be achieved by reducing travel costs incurred by applicants and interviewers.

Reduces the cost of hiring by up to 60% as arranging an interview in person takes up a lot of additional resources. It saves efforts spent on manual screening, coordination and logistics.

Better Candidate Experience

Video interviews let the candidates attend online interviews from anywhere across the globe, via web or mobile, at their convenience while providing a standardized, consistent experience.

Future Reference

As all the videos are recorded, they can be used as a reference in the future. Similarly, comments, evaluations, and other data on the candidate's video are saved, which can be useful for audits.

Refined Candidate Analysis

The video interviewing software improves the interviewing process as it gives the employer the chance to take a second opinion by getting a colleague or hiring panel personnel to review the recorded video of the candidate and deliver a fair decision.

Overcome Timezone Differences

The Video Interviewing Software provides an extremely convenient platform for both the candidates and the recruiters.

The recruiters can submit their questions and evaluate the candidates from any part of the globe and in any time zone. Similarly, the candidates can record their answers from anywhere in the world at their desired time, saving time and cutting down travel expenses.

Enhances Employer Branding

Video interviewing software furnishes the branding of the platform with banners, videos, colour themes, and logos. This builds a tech-savvy and candidate-friendly image for an organization, and the organization is perceived in a brighter light.

So, Video Interview Platforms are the ultimate tool for recruiters and candidates. They fulfil every purpose of an in-person interview while providing flexibility in time and location. As they save time, they allow more candidates to tell their stories and allow their videos to be passed around for group feedback.

The Downside of Video Interviews

Despite having many benefits, video interview platforms have several drawbacks that need to be considered before fully embracing this technology.

Technological issues

  1. Connectivity problems: For a smooth video interview, a stable and reliable internet connection is crucial.

    However, not all candidates may have access to high-speed internet, leading to poor audio and video quality and even disconnections during the interview.

  2. Software glitches: Sometimes, candidates or you may face some technical issues, such as software bugs, compatibility problems, or updates that can cause interruptions and negatively impact their experience

Lack of personal connection

  1. Difficulty in building rapport: Having the interview in person facilitates a more relaxed atmosphere and helps the you and candidate build a personal rapport.

    However, video interview platforms may hamper the process of developing a relationship and determining whether a candidate fits in with your company culture.

  1. Inability to fully assess candidate's interpersonal skills: For you, it can be more challenging to interpret nonverbal clues on video, such as body language and facial emotions.

    This could make it more difficult for you to evaluate a candidate's interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence.

Potential for bias

  1. Unfair advantages for tech-savvy candidates: Applicants who are more tech-savvy may have an advantage in video interviews.

    Since they may be more adept at using digital technology and presenting themselves professionally in this format.

Ultimately, these are the drawbacks that you should be aware of and not let them be your limit or restriction for the next smart hiring.

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