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Top 5 Features of Video Interview Software You Must Have

93% of employers intend to continue with remote job interviews. Which means more demand for video interview software.

Video interviews allow you to reach to wider talent pool, getting more qualified candidates regardless of location.

Which will increase your efficiency and save you time.

However, maximising its effect depends on what type of software you choose. 

Which software fulfils your demand?

Which feature you should focus on?

So, choosing software with the right features is crucial for you and your company. 

So, let’s dive in and learn the top 5 features of video interview software to streamline your hiring process and find the perfect fit for your team.

What is Video Interview Software?

Video interview tools allow HRs, recruiters or interviewers to conduct remote interviews with candidates through video conferencing.

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Video Interview Software Features

Outlined in this article are 5 essential features of video interview software, you should be aware of to not only help you make an educated purchase but also ensure a more enhanced hiring process.

1. Scheduling

Scheduling is a critical video interview software feature that is crucial to the backbone of your entire hiring process.

HR managers may have to dedicate 8 hours a week or more to creating schedules for reviewing resumes and conducting interviews, especially when working with a large workforce or complex candidate schedules.

The moment a conflict arises, the quality of the hiring process may be affected, and an even more significant number of hours may be wasted working the kinks out.

With the scheduling plugin, hiring managers can quickly get the proper candidate to sit on interviews rather than juggling all the conversations and waiting for responses through emails for days or even weeks.

Scheduling relieves so many headaches associated with managing employees and interviewing prospects, which is why it makes a shortlist of HRIS software features to consider for organizational teams.

By implementing scheduling in your HRIS systems, your organization can achieve collaborative scheduling, be notified of upcoming video interviews, and make scheduling communication instantaneous.

2. Data Analytics

Data analytics is a little-known feature of video interview software that is slowly transforming the way interviewing is taking place.

Through the use of data analytics, hiring managers can gain predictive power and a more accurate insight into the candidates' suitability and skills for roles and companies.

Moreover, data analytics also connects the hiring process to engagement survey data, attrition data, production performance, and other information from the employee lifecycle which can help predict the potential future performance of a job candidate.

It also enables hiring managers to optimize their recruitment process by getting rid of poor sources.

This, in turn, will lead to allowing organizations to achieve significant gains, drive marginal improvement, and, more importantly, reduce the employee turnover ratio.

On top of everything else, data analytics will also help you improve your speed hire as it allows you to build a model that provides the basis of the candidates that are the best hires.

3. Video Resumes

An added benefit of using video interview software for the recruitment process is the ability to take advantage of video resumes.

Unlike traditional resumes, video resumes are typically 60-second clips that provide employers with a quick idea of their candidates' charisma, personality, and communication skills before the interview takes place.

In an increasingly visual age, video resumes provide hiring managers with an easy way to skim a fountain of applicants and ensure that they do not miss the right candidate.

HR managers can watch, listen, learn, and make decisions on what is presented on a visual platform and make a quick assessment of the candidate's projected performance.

Plus, the majority of video interview hiring solutions also allow users to share video resumes, which makes it easier to gain the perspective of other executives about a particular candidate.

This way, hiring managers can cut to the chase and directly address potential candidates who need to be considered for the position.

4. ATS Integration

Another critical feature of video interviewing technology that is often inadvertently overlooked is system integrations, particularly its ability to bode well with your Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

By integrating your ATS and video interviewing solution, businesses can enhance the hiring process by handling various job activities such as candidate communication, screenings, and job postings efficiently.

What's more, ATS integration will also make it easier for hiring managers to monitor candidate profiles so nothing falls through the cracks.

More often than not, the HR department overlooks qualified candidates because of their inability to keep track of the relevant details when reviewing a slew of resumes and applications.

By using a video interviewing software that integrates with their existing ATS platforms, organizations can understand the steps of their hiring process, determine where bottlenecks occur, and why candidates drop out.

Alternatively, it also provides you with insights into how candidates are navigating the application process and how much time each stage of the recruiting process takes, thereby allowing you to optimize operations.

5. AI-Powered Features

Now, AI has entered the picture and is generating so much hype because of its intelligence. Having AI as a feature is crucial, and it’s also a major boost for video interview software.

One of the most talked-about features is automated interview scoring.  This uses AI to analyse a candidate's video responses based on pre-set criteria like keywords, facial expressions, and even tone of voice.  

This can significantly speed up the screening process by highlighting qualified candidates who demonstrate the desired skills and behaviours.

However, it's important to remember that AI is still under development.  

There's a potential for bias to creep into the scoring, especially if the training data used to create the AI is skewed.  

For example, an AI trained on a data set of mostly extroverted salespeople might score introverted candidates lower, even if their responses demonstrate strong qualifications.

To ensure fairness, human oversight is crucial.  AI scoring should be seen as a tool to assist recruiters, not replace them entirely.  

Hiring managers should always review the videos and transcripts alongside the AI scores to make well-rounded decisions.

As AI technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more sophisticated features to emerge in video interviewing software.  

But for now, the key is to leverage AI's strengths while keeping a human touch in the hiring process.

6. Self-Service Portal

A self-service portal is an ideal feature to give applicants immediate answers to simple questions about organizational policies and additional information regarding current openings.

On the flip side, it also helps recruitment managers enhance their candidate management efforts by building positive relationships with candidates and developing good judgment when putting applicants for job vacancies.

It is worth noting that candidate management is a vital aspect of the recruitment process that cannot be taken lightly whether your organization has 10 or 1000 candidates.

After all, candidate management is the driving force in continuously attracting the right talent and establishing a strong reputation and brand image that ensures your business is an attractive place to work for potential employees.

Technically, HR managers can use self-service portals in providing feedback and updates rather than ignoring those who took the time to apply to a job listing.

Through this process, you can give eager candidates peace of mind and also make your organization look good in the process which is hard to do but extremely important in today's job market.

Finding A Solution That Works For Video Interview Software

There are so many factors to consider in choosing the best video interview software which is why listing down your requirements is essential in helping you concentrate on the desired features when comparing your options.

As an alternative, you can map out their existing process and work out your present and future needs before evaluating options based on your budget.

ScreeningHive is a cloud-based video interviewing solution that streamlines the workflow of human resource professionals and recruiters.

It allows them to create text and video questions based on their preference to get the best talents possible for a current opening.

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