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Why Using Employee Monitoring Software Is A Must For Managing remote Workers

CNBC has reported triple-digit growth in demand for employee monitoring software since the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The unexpected scenario has forced companies to close down physical offices and go full-time remote. In the meantime, employee monitoring software has become the driving force for maintaining business and managing remote workers with family members surrounded.

With the governments now loosening restrictive measures, many companies are left at a confusing stage about making the right choice. They can’t decide if the re-boot work style should allow in-office work and include employee behavior monitoring and analysis.

Benefits of employee monitoring software

The substantial benefit of using employee monitoring software is its integrated solution for the problems that may occur within the team. It provides multiple functions for managing remote workers, for instance:

Balancing Projects
Nowadays, Businesses of all niche largely depend on digital solutions for managing remote workers and their performance. Large enterprises and SMBs are depending on employee monitoring tools to facilitate work plans and proper work distribution. Even if employees return to the office permanently, going away from such an efficient and accurate monitoring system would pull back performance. As an employer, you don’t want to cause workflow holdup or increase inefficiencies.

Productivity and accountability
Companies that utilize tools for managing remote workers see exponential growth in productivity within the first month. Though, the outcome is not limited to the parameters of remote work. In-office settings or distributed workforce, large firms, and small/mid-sized businesses with full-time workers or external collaborators have seen the same results.

Business leaders often carry a misconception that in-office workers are more productive and accountable than the off-site or field workers as they are directly monitoring by supervisors. In reality, you have to consider more factors before saying so.


Employees who work outside are often involved in inventory management and handling and often can carry more responsibility in terms of business assets. According to cloudapper, not only they may lose time on less dominant tasks but also fail to keep proper track of inventory handling. Besides using the employee monitoring tools, they also rely on CMMS or computerized maintenance management systems. They can get real-time, on-the-ground benefits from this tool- like increased productivity and efficient inventory management. The applications’ ability to reduce machinery and equipment downtime while ensuring industry and equipment safety compliance makes employees more productive and accountable for their work.

Ensuring proper working environment

For employees working in hostile environments, this tool can come in handy by resolving issues and removing delays. Projects that involve multi-personnel and poor working conditions are expected to have such circumstances.

Employees can get into disagreements on working hours, being punctual work, or following the deadline of projects. In those cases, employee time tracking can resolve issues in an objective and constructive way. You will always have that one staff member who reaches late at work or intends to leave early without finishing the tasks as it should be. While it is acceptable for selected situations, giving this advantage will cause imbalance to teamwork and create conflicts.


To ensure that your employees are living in their best shapes and are not delaying to work for physical or mental sickness, utilize employee engagement app such as mycirclecare. It is useful for keeping employees healthy while working for hours on the chair or in a hostile environment. With the employee engagement app, you can encourage workers to reach health goals and keep them engaged to work. It allows the team to be healthy and be friendly with each other, thus eliminating the chance of conflicts at work. Try this tool for the betterment of your business and the employees.

Objective-based performance review

Performance review based on objectives is a priceless step for companies of all sizes and work settings. It allows providing a solid foundation for continuous workflow and sharpens operational processes. It helps supervisors to detect hardworking individuals and teams despite their physical distance. Supervisors and team leaders can accurately distribute work in the future by analyzing this information. According to m2sys It is especially helpful for high-profile campaigns where specific time limitations and enormous financial benefits are involved.


Furthermore, the employee monitoring software provides enough insights to find the right path for each member and helps to determine which field they can offer with proper guidance. It allows business leaders and top-level managers to define and shape the company culture and smoothens the path of employee benefits. Managing communication and understanding the needs of a new employee becomes easy with this tool. It is a great way to work as a helping hand with the team members, both on joint projects and personal skill development.

Severing internal system and database

Enterprises like to invest in cybersecurity for a fair share of mental satisfaction, even though the cyberattacks mostly happen with SMB firms. In most cases, and by unfortunate, employees are the prime cause of cyber threats. It is the reason why employee monitoring software carries substantial value for security-conscious firms. Remote workers are more exposed to malicious cyber-attack than their in-office counterparts. But in both cases, the harms are equal.

The reason for installing monitoring tools is far from disbelief in workers. It is utilized for adding an extra layer of protection against unwanted cyber threats and preventing access to confidential business information and internal databases.

The monitoring software keeps screenshots of employee computers in a periodic manner, which can be seen by the manager or supervisor. Aside from keeping employees engaged to work, it helps to see if employees are unknowingly welcoming threats to the internal data and keeping business at risk. It also tracks the running applications and website tabs on employee computers. This way, you will be acknowledged about unwanted threats even if you keep the eyes away from employee records for some time.

By viewing these insights and using the information to influence your business process, you can remove the burdens of individual employee handling and other conflicts. So help your team to understand the value of remote employee monitoring tools and utilize it to accommodate employee and business benefits.

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