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It is no easy thing to carry out a video interview. In a small amount of time, you want to know more about a candidate. You can make the process easier for you and the candidate by asking the right video interview questions.

Phone and video interviews allow you to communicate comfortably from a distance with a candidate, but due to their visual aspect, the video has the benefit. You can get in contact with your head, see the reaction of a person, and read their body language as if you were with them in the same place.

Intelligent interviewers will optimize this video profit. They can gain the "full picture" of an applicant from their verbal and physical replies by raising appropriate interview questions. This refers to both live and one-way video interviews.

Top 7 video interview questions with Answers:

1. Introduce yourself

Answer: This easy question tells about the applicant too much. How much emphasis do you place on your work? How much are they going to share with you in their lives?   Do they say so with courage, candour, and proper eye contact, or are they wary, restrained, and seemingly disengaged?

2. What do you know/think about our company?

Answer: You wish to recruit someone who, at least as a part of their job search, studied your business. Although they do not need to have the "right response," they should have a clear understanding of their clients, their goods, and their purpose.

3. What makes you the most excited about this role?

Answer: This question appears to get people out of control enough to answer the first thing. Maybe it's a bonus, maybe it's the organization itself, or maybe they may like a career change.

4. What caused you to seek this job?

Answer: You can learn more about the motives of the workers when applying. Clock-watchers only find the company as a buffer. For example, a position that pays a little more, or is closer to home, is less time-consuming. You will get to know if they will get a new opportunity, or if they will be called by a recruiter, they're going to jump on that opportunity.

5. What kind of skill makes you fit for this job?

Answer: It is a test of their own faith and the knowledge of the job. If the candidate emphasizes an ability that is not directly related or a key part of the job, it is less likely that they will be qualified for a role.

6. How are you capable of solving the toughest problem?

Answer: This is an opportunity for a candidate to prove how real a candidate is and how his critical thinking and problem-solving skills are. When the candidate tells their story, ask them to discuss the measures taken to solve the issue in more detail. Such items as meaning, individual actions, and small information. If a candidate has been able to solve the problem, most of the details will be presented. If they don't know or pretend not to remember or begin to fidget, then the answer they stated couldn't be as real.

7. Why are you giving up on your last job?

Answer: It is an insightful character test. Is this reaction cool, rational, and well-founded as a job seeker or is it a five-minute comment on a current or previous work about perceived injustice? Will they give priority to personal gain, development in their career, work satisfaction, or anything else?

So these were some of the best questions employer ask to candidates during a video interview. This will describe the candidates’ personalities perfectly and define whether they are the right fit for the role or not. If you want to start with your video interviews today, click here.

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