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How does it work?

Prepare template of questions

ScreeningHive allows you to prepare the templates of questions according to job profiles. You can create video questions or text questions based on your preference. Your recruiters can use these templates for future candidates instead of creating new questions set all the time from scratch.

You can also set the following properties of each question.

  • Mark questions as mandatory or optional.
  • Maximum time to answer the question.
  • Allow candidates to reattempt questions and set count of maximum reattempts.
Prepare template of questions
Interview Invitation

Create an interview

For scheduling a video interview, you can either select the template or create interview questions from scratch. You can select single or multiple candidates and invite them for the interview in one go.

While scheduling for the video interview, you can shuffle the questions and add any custom questions too as per your preference.

Send invitation of video interview to the candidate

All the selected candidates will receive an email with a link of the video interview. The candidate can record the interview according to his/her convenient time.

Mobile Interview

Get ready for the video interview!!!

By clicking on the video interview link, candidates are able to see the complete information about the interview including how many questions are there and how many minutes it will take to complete the interview.

Candidates can also undergo a test interview before the real interview to understand how it is going to work.

All the required settings like a microphone, camera, network will be done automatically before the start of the video interview.

Let's start the video interview!!!

Candidates can start the video interview and record answers one by one. All the indicators related to the time limit, mandatory/optional, and reattempts will be displayed to the candidate on the same screen.

On completion of the interview, an email notification will be sent to the recruiters and the candidate who are associated with the interview process.

Mobile Interview

Review the answers and rate the candidate

You can go through the recorded interview videos whenever you want and you can review candidates based on their performance, facial expressions, speech, presence of mind, and so on.

You can rate your candidate with the stars and provide detailed feedback about the candidate.

Track all interviews and share the public link.

You can track all of your video interviews in one place and see the status of each interview. You can share the completed interview videos with your hiring manager or client to give them a better idea about the candidate's performance.

Mobile Interview

Advanced video interview software with thoughtful features


Credits for a Free Demonstration

We agree that a medium for video interviews will change your recruitment strategy. We give a free subscription to complete the testing of our application in your look and feel.


Share Video Interviews Recording

Joint decisions are critical to attract the best talent and develop an implicit bias. Our system makes it easier for coworkers or customers to review video answers. They will contribute to decisions based on facts.


Testing Practice

We know how important it is to get familiar with the video interviewing process before appearing for the video interview. Our software is a welcoming candidate and offers practice sessions prior to the interview.


Retake & Skip

You can mark questions as mandatory or optional. Also, allow the candidate to retake questions if the question is tough to answer in one go.



All recordings are safely encoded and put away in the account area. Recordings can't be accessed without a customer's authorization.


Easy to Use

It is a user-friendly design that enables you to easily navigate within the system and manage your interview process well.

Why Video Interviews?

What is a one way video interview?

A one-way video interview is now a very trendy type of interview in the HR landscape. In the one-way video interview, the recruiter sets up different interview questions and sends them to the candidate. Only the candidate remains present and does all the talking against setup questions by the recruiter. Once the candidate submits all the answers, the recruiter or hiring manager will review recorded answers on their own time.

What should I look for in a video interview software?

It's always a challenge to choose the best video interviewing software for your recruitment process. Below are a few things to remember before considering a video interviewing software platform.

  • Ease of use
  • Pricing
  • Quality of video recording and playback
  • Candidate experience
  • Feature set like attempts, mandatory questions, video questions etc.
  • Brand promotion
  • Integrations with ATS or Recruiting Software
  • Customer testimonial and presence
  • Data retention policy

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