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How Does ScreeningHive Works?

Setup questions for the video interview

Set up your interview questions very quickly which you would like to ask your candidate under the screening process. You can use text question or video questions based on your preference to deliver the best experience to your candidates.

Setup questions
Interview Invitation

Send the interview invitation

Send the interview invitation to your candidates easily through email. Create and engage in awesome interviews using ScreeningHive. Never miss a single candidate to be interviewed.

Video interviewing

Ask your candidates to record the responses of your questions through any devices. Get these recordings stored into the system for the further process.

ScreeningHive is building the future of Interview Process stronger and better. Experience the next generation of interviewing.

Mobile Interview

Review & Shortlisting

Screen these recordings anytime - anywhere. Hiring becomes smarter with ScreeningHive. Review your candidates and shortlist them quickly.

Save the cost of physical interview and get the things done online by ScreeningHive.

Features that shape your interviewing awesome



All recordings are safely encoded and put away in the account area. Recordings can't be accessed without a customer's authorization.



Edit and incorporate video interviews into your system in recorded time.



ScreeningHive give the guarantee of consistency with the guidelines in your nation. We work all over the world.


Works across all platforms and devices

We give detailed analytics of your video interviews which enable you to screen candidates based on body language and communication skill.



Our world-class support team is close by responding to your queries anytime.


Easy to use

It is userfriendly designed that enables you to easily navigate within the tool.

Why Video Interviews?

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