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5 Creative Ways to Crack the Video Interview | ScreeningHive

Interviews are never easy, for recruiters and candidates both. But sometimes it becomes more stressful to manage the interview for a candidate as he is going to deal with the company’s employee/HR for the first time. 


As this Pandemic situation is going on, recruiters have changed the approach of the normal face to face interview to a Video Interview. Today, we are going to talk about how a candidate can crack the video interview easily.


Research about the company


As a candidate, your first job is to research the company background after you get the call for the interview. As there could be some questions about the current position you have applied for, so you need to be prepared with the strengths as well as flows of their current processes, so you can give them a reason to hire you.


Wear formal dress only


If you are appearing for the video interview, you need to wear the formals only. Though you are not going to meet them in person, you need to wear professional clothes only. Sometimes candidates used to avoid wearing formals or wear only formal shirts with some sort of untidy clothes beneath. Remember that there could be a moment when you have to sit for something, it will ruin your first impression.


Be confident


Video Interview is a kind of stuff that recruiters can review twice or more than that to screen the candidates well. So try to remain calm and confident during the interview. Practice in front of a mirror with your answers many times. In case you made any mistake, you can record the second session. 


Give answers straight to the point


Video Interviews are not usually long, and no recruiter has time to listen to your stories. During an in-person interview, you can create that emotional attachment but not during a video interview. So prepare with the shortest yet best answers to possible questions. 


Wrap up with a positive attitude


Video interviews are the best place to show your bright personality. So try to be very positive during the complete interview and you can also thank your recruiters to invite you for the interview. Wrapping up with a light greeting and bright smile can work in most of the cases.


So these were some of the creative ways you can easily prepare for your first video interview and crack it also. This is highly required to be prepared with the major changes in our current processes including recruitment. Best of luck.


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