How it works

Prepare template of questions

ScreeningHive allows you to prepare the templates of questions for different job profiles. You can create video questions or text questions based on your preference. So your recruiters can use these templates for future candidates instead of creating new questions set all the time from scratch.

You can also mark any important question as a mandatory question. Also, you can set the duration of the question for better screening.

The retake allows the candidates to reattempt for desired questions and can retake to accomplish it.

Create Templates
Create Interview

Create an interview using a template

For scheduling a video interview, you can select single or multiple candidates and invite them for the interview.

While scheduling for the video interview, you can shuffle the questions and add any custom questions too.

Send invitation of video interview to the candidate

All the selected candidates will receive an email with a link of the video interview. The candidate can record the interview according to his/her convenient time.

Interview Invitation
Mobile Interview

Let's start the video interview!!!

Candidate can start the video interview and record one by one questions. If there is any mandatory question or time limit for the questions, respective indicators will be displayed over the screen.

Reviewing answers and rate the candidate

You can go through these videos whenever you want and you can review candidates based on their performance, facial expressions, speech, presence of mind and so on. You can rate your candidate with the stars and provide feedback.

Review Shortlisting

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